Motivational Fitness Training

JumpX Fitness classes are designed to maximise Toning, weight loss, fitness, balance and much much more.

Our classes and our instructors are trained and focused on motivating you so you not only train in the right manner but also ensure that you are having a great time whilst doing so.  Cardio classes can become a mundane affair, so we make sure we pack our classes with a mix of songs, and different movements which keep you on your toes and having a great workout.


JumpX is the Best, No-one is better, We’ll get you Wetter

“Great classes should leave you feeling like you had a great workout, but looking forward to the next class.”

Ask any of our clients, and they will tell you how effective our training system is, but also how addictive and mind-blowingly fun and stir crazy we are. We combine Intensive Cardio Fitness, with Cool Dance moves, Rock hard toning, Cool Music and a dash of crazy to our classes.

We are currently running classes in Hanwell (Tuesdays), Wembley (Wednesdays) and Ealing (Thursdays). However we will be opening new centres in the near future, so watch this space.

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